Genevieve is a red head with black and platinum blonde streaks dyed in. Her favored outfits typically exhibit a generous amount of cleavage, and are paired with shorts or skirts shorter than typical hiking or travel gear. Her ensemble is always completed with a dazzling smile and a ready flirtatious wink.

Despite seeming incredibly sheltered and ignorant of the rigors of the gym circuit, not to mention being incredibly grime and wilderness averse, Genevieve mannaged to keep pace with Lennox Carver without slowing him down… to much.

Despite having collectively spent several weeks with her, no one in the party has actually witnessed her battle, or even attempt to catch a wild pokemon. If not for the pokeballs on her belt, and the Ki Badge and Cascade Badge in her posession, one wouldn’t have any indication that Genevieve is a pokemon trainer at all.

The Party has learned that Genevieve has taken to traveling with Leonardo the Carny, an unkempt, gibberish-spouting, Trainer that Cassandra and Tyson have battled before.

Genevieve is typically warm, bubbly, and open when interacting with others.

The Party has learned nothing of Genevieve’s Goals, Motives, Roster, or Abilities


Claims to be from Kalos, and her accent supports her.


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