Lennox Carver

Young man out to leave his mark on the world!


Tall with broad shoulders. Dark skin and hair with green eyes an a scar on the left side of his face. Muscled and well toned. Tends to wear black T-shirts, fatigue pants that rest on combat boots. He wears a chain around his neck and a bomber jacket given to him by his uncle.

Lennox’s Character Sheet

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Born in Unova and raised in Kanto at the base of Mount Silver, Lennox’s upbringing was strict and regimented from the start. Waking before dawn and training his mind and body, he has grown a fine upstanding man with a firm sense of order and justice.

Currently, he is taking the traditional route of battling all the Kanto Gyms and becoming league champion to be recognized by the man who saved his life as a child, Vermillion City Gym Leader, Lieutenant Jared “Surge” Carver. Because of His Uncle Surge’s tales of Bravery and Heroism, Lennox stands in quiet adulation of the military men, women, and Pokemon who stand tall in the face of danger.

While his ultimate goal is to join the Pokemon Rangers and rise through its ranks, His milestones are placed to show progress: Finding dangerous pokemon and bringing them to heel in service of a cause greater than themselves, Conquering challenges deemed too dangerous or ambitious for civilians, and climb to the summit of Mount Silver.

Lennox Carver

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