Aegwynn Ragnarsdottir

A young girl with a 'Gift' that will not define her.


Aegwynn is a tad short for a girl her age, though she stands out despite the lack of height she has. She has hair nearly as white as fresh driven snow that falls just to her shoulders, often pinned back on one side with a set of simple, black hair clips. This isn’t the only standout feature about her, as she’s also got radiant, light ice-blue eyes that seem catch the light just right to highlight just how bright they are.

She dresses rather warmly and favors clothing such as zip-up hoodies, longer pants with plenty of pockets, and comfortable shoes. She wears light t-shirts or tank-tops underneath the hoodie, which will be seen if it just gets too hot to be wearing such a warm garment. She does have one hoodie she cares for in particular, one that she received from her uncle back in Fjordin, which features the logo for the Ostnervik Omastars on the back, her favorite team from her homeland.

She has a very slight accent when speaking, and it’s hard to pick up on. If you were to meet her parents you’d understand where it comes from as their accents are much heavier. Growing up around them and listening to the way they speak have influenced her own manner of inflection in her speech. It’s not a Dublainean accent, but it’s something that does make her stand out a little compared to the Kanto natives she grew up around.

When executing her gift of Telekinesis, her eyes glow slightly and she emanates a small aura in a visible, ice blue and black that outlines her form, as well as any object she happens to be interacting with.



Born in Fjordin, in the city of Ostnervik to Ragnar and Johanna, Aegwynn quickly became a subject of strife in her family as well as the community at large. A child that shared none of the traits of her parents, this lead to fights about who the father is. Snow white hair and striking blue eyes matched neither her father’s mop of brown and deep brown eyes or her mother’s blonde locks and emerald eyes. Ragnar loved his wife so dearly, and though he was empathic with a little telepathy, her being a full telepath with the training to mask her thoughts lead him to question whether or not she was cheating on him. There was also the fact that while the child’s surface thoughts could be read, and her emotions perceived, she was not projecting them back as an infant should. Was there something wrong with her?

At a week old, the fighting had stopped. Her questionable paternity was no longer up in the air after a trip as a family to the town elder. Ostnervik is famous in Fjordin for producing a startling number of telepathic people. While they are still quite uncommon, there just seems to be a large concentration of them here. Naturally they’ve set up facilities to accommodate those with the gifts, though never at the expense of those without the gift. The elder was able to help the couple link their minds as one, allowing them to share their thoughts and experiences. The rift that had grown between them was instantly closed, and Aegwynn was indeed Ragnar’s daughter. This fighting though had left a lasting impression on her older brother, Reynir. A seven year old should never have to watch his parents fight like that…the seed of resent towards his sister was planted in his mind.

The Elder also took some time to examine the infant Aegwynn so as to hopefully put her parents’ mind at ease. Telepathic and empathic powers were not manifesting in the child. Even the most basic projections should be coming from the child in such a young, untrained state. Hours passed, the Elder having to pour over some old history texts before she was able to find a reason, which the Elder quickly put to the test. The parents watched as the test was administered, the newborn placed in a circle of three colorful, round objects. The Elder pushed the objects around in a circle, making sure that the infant saw how the colors changed on the spheres as they moved and caught the light different, and the soothing jingling sound they made. It was an odd test that hasn’t been seen for over a hundred years.

Once every seven to eight generations, an anomaly is born in the telepathic community of Fjordin. History has shown that they are branded with unusually light, ice-blue eyes and snow white hair, as documented by the last known anomaly, Ingvar Baldursson, who was said to have the same white hair and striking eyes the baby had. This anomaly was the gift of telekinesis, and the test was to see if the baby would use their mind to emulate what the adult did with the spheres to see the colors and hear the sounds once more. As the spheres orbited Aegwynn, it was clear that she possessed this gift. Her parents were slightly relieved, though they were now a bit apprehensive now. With their son Reynir, nurturing him and teaching him more about his gift was easy as they both possessed this mental aptitude as well. Telekinetics were almost completely foreign here in Fjordin due to their extreme rarity…how could they nurture their daughter and see to it that she learn how to harness her gift so that she doesn’t hurt herself or others with an untrained mind?

Aegwynn Ragnarsdottir

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