This campaign takes place after the "canonical" events of pokemon, specifically, after Ash/Red's adventure's through the Kanto region across the various media of the Pokemon Franchise (Games, Anime, Manga, etc.)

The campaign deals with the fallout and repercussions of several events that took place during this story line. Several Key features of the setting have been altered. For Example Pewter City Gym and Cerulean City Gym both have new
gym leaders (Brock and Misty followed Ash on his adventures…. their current whereabouts are unknown)

in addition to the altered timeline, this campaign will be run as a "Plus" campaign – meaning that it will feature Non-Legnedary pokemon from the entire 700+ pokedex. 

The tone of this campaign is intended to be much darker and more mature than the standard pokemon narrative as well as take greater steps to maintain verisimilitude. 

Kanto+: Aftermath

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