This campaign takes place after the cannonical events of pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.  It also takes place after InTheMachine's journey through the region in Savage Worlds, as well as the assumed outcome of that campaign. 

The events that took place both in the RYB Cannon and the previous campaign are based an an amalgam of the portrayal of the events of those games across various pokemon media (anime, the video games, manga, etc.) as well as some of my own original material. 

This Campaign, while taking  place in a region still recovering from these events, which have collectively become known as The Giovanni Incident, largely deals with the party's journey through the league circuit, with the eventual goal of setting foot on the indigo plataeu and battling the Elite Four, with one Player or NPC being crowned as the next Kanto League Champion.  Side-arcs and personal adventures will be sprinkled throughout, but the majority of the campaign's focus will be on traveling between cities and battling their gym leaders.

From a Meta and Mechanical perspective, this campaign is meant to iron out as many kinks as possible in meshing my GM Style to the foilbes of play-by-post gaming, as well as to provide a controlled environment to playtest Pokemon World, the RPG.

In addition to the above, this is a "plus" campaign, so the entire pokedex, excluding Gen 7, is in use for this campaign. 

In addition and furtherance of the above, the tone of this campaign is intended to be much darker and more mature than the standard pokemon narrative as well as take greater steps to maintain verisimilitude. 

Kanto+: Aftermath

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