Cerulean Sisters

The Sensational Cerulean Sisters! Sure to put on a Great Show!


The Party has acquired the following information about the Sensational Cerulean Sisters and their Gym Challenge:

Sensational Sister Daisy’s Theme: Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Sensational Sister Violet’s Theme: The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”
Sensational Sister Lily’s Theme: ???

The Sensational Sisters face challengers in a best of 3 Singles format, 2 pokemon each. Once a pokemon has been used against one of the sisters, it cannot be used in either of the remaining 2 matches.

The Gym Challenge takes place in a truly gargantuan swimming pool filled with floating wooden platforms. The Sisters readily use pokemon capable of taking advantage of the arena.


The Sensational Sisters took over Gym Leader duties after the previous gym leader left to accompany one of the recent Kanto League Champions on his gym circuit. Rumors abound as to the nature of their relationship and why the gym leader left her post to be with him. Speculation ranges from being aware of Team Rocket’s Influence and wanting to aid the champ in the making in the coming conflict, all the way to the incredibly sordid. Both theories, and everything in between, are the frequent subject of television dramas and film.

Challenging the Sisters isn’t easy, especially for those fresh to the circuit. After spending the better part of a week getting bounced from tourist trap to tourist trap, you eventually found your way to the service desk (several hundred yards removed from the main lobby) and scheduled a challenge.

when your appointment arrived, you were led through a series of service tunnels and side passages to a largely empty stadium, where the three swimsuit clad sisters greeted and battled you.

Cerulean Sisters

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