Elliot Rowan Racine IV

What a fascinating specimen... I must study it.


GM Info: A sleight-framed man who, despite his boyish features, is actually older than anyone else in the party by several years. His outfit has not changed since his first appearance: a lab coat, business casual button-up shirt, khakis, and his glasses. Elliot tends to speak in a cold, clipped tone, and is prone towards polysyllabic verbiage. The boy is a walking Pokemon Encyclopedia, he routinely quotes, seemingly verbatim, the pokedex entry of any pokemon the party has encountered. This information is usually accompanied by a commentary on the alleged reliability or unsubstantiated nature of the pokedex entry.

Likes: Research Opportunities, Lab Coats, Experimentation.
Dislikes: Unexplained Phenomena, Ethics Committees, and Review Boards.

Player Info:



Elliot was, until recently, a research assistant at Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet City.

He seems an overly-cautious sort, given to exploring all his options before committing to one of them.

he’s been described by his fellow researchers as being cold, almost unfeeling, and also tends to exhibit small but noticeable amounts of condescension towards anyone not engaged in an academic pursuit.

the party has not learned anything else about Elliot.

Elliot Rowan Racine IV

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