A Red Head with black and platinum blonde streaks dyed into her hair, typically clad in a V-neck shirt which offers a generous amount of cleavage, matched with shorts or skirts a few inches shorter than typical hiking or travel gear. Her outfit is completed with a dazzling smile and a frequent, flirtatious wink.

The Girl seems very grime and wilderness averse, but nonetheless has managed to keep pace with Lennox without slowing him down… too much.

Thus far, even during their trip from Pallet City to Pewter City, Nobody has seen any of her roster, if it wern’t for the pokeballs on her belt (when they’re not hidden away) one would have no way to know this beauty is a trainer.

Genevieve is typically warm, bubbly, and open when interacting with others.

The Party has learned nothing of Genevieve’s Goals, Motives, Roster, or Abilities


Claims to be from Kalos, and her accent supports her.


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