Lucille Brightside

"I'm going to be the best... Ever."


Ken has gleaned the following information about Lucille’s abilities…

- She takes her budding Trainer Career seriously, and pushes her pokemon almost as hard as she pushes herself, her pokemon always seemed a bit more invigorated after training with them.

- In Battle, she seems to prefer leaving out one pokemon as long as possible, typically pushing them to their limits, even against a type disadvantage

- She has a mean arm, and every time she’s attempted a catch, she’s succeeded.

… The party has not learned anything else about Lucille’s capabilities.

Lucille’s Known Roster
- Pidgeotto

Has thrown down the Gauntlet for Ken, who remains in the dark as to why she’s so antagonistic towards him.


Lucille claims to be from Saffron, and has an intensity about her many find unsettling… Her focus on being the greatest pokemon trainer she can borders on the pathologically obsessive.

- Hates being called Lucy.
- Hates being called Lu

… The party has not learned anything else about Lucille.

Lucille Brightside

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