Tyson Hughes

Hiding in plain sight...


Tyson is an 18 year old male with dark skin, short black hair, and dark brown eyes. He stands at 5’7" and has a lean athletic build. An official Pokemon League hat colored blue, white, and black usually rests backwards on top of his head. He wears a blue sleeveless hooded jacket with white trim over a plain black t-shirt. A large stylized image of the Soul Badge engulfed in a white flame is emblazoned across the back of the jacket. The loose fitting belt he wears barely manages to hold up his black cargo shorts, which cut off just below the knee above ends of his black athletic socks. He sports a pair of blue, white, and black sneakers on his feet that appear to be designed for various athletic activities.

Tyson’s Character Sheet

Tyson’s Theme

Active Roster:

Jet – Zorua
Ash – Growlithe
Roxanne – Onix
DenkĊ – Luxio
Sunny – Braixen
Makoto – Pancham


Kasumi – Greninja
Roulette – Unfezant
Vile – Venusaur
Nimbus – Pikachu
Vee – Eevee
Alolan Sandshrew
Caliber – Squirtle


Tyson Hughes

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