Trainer Battle Conventions

Unlike in the video games, players are (typically) not required or forced to accept challenges from NPC trainers… however, also unlike in the video game, there are certain protocols one must follow. 

Cash Prize:
In an unofficial Battle, the trainer who issues the challenge typically offers an initial wager amount.  If this amount is unsatisfactory to the Challenged trainer, they may make a counter-offer this continues until a wage is agreed upon.  After a Wager has been agreed upon by both parties, the Challenged trainer decides how many pokemon will be used in the contest. 

Typically, in Urban or Safe areas, trainers push for bigger battles, and higher wagers.  Out in the wilderness, where it could be potentially lethal to run out of active pokemon, people tend to restrict battles to 1-3 pokemon.  

It is also common practice for people to hold their most powerful pokemon in reserve – as a safety measure, and to allow their weaker pokemon a greater opportunity to train. 

Doubles/triples/other format .
as much of an OOC as IC thing, to help clear up the repeated confusion.  Matches featuring two pair of pokemon per trainer fighting simultaneously shall ALWAYS be called out as DOUBLES matches.  Obviously, this goes for triples and any other format as well. 

In contrast, a trainer suggesting a small battle would offer "2 pokemon each." 

for added shenanigans, if you wanted to fight a Double's match with 4 pokemon, the appropriate phrasing would be be "Doubles, 4 pokemon each"




Trainer Battle Conventions

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