Pewter City Pokemart

The Pewter City Pokemon Mart is a squat, Grey, rock-faced building, just like almost every other building in town.  The place is built more like a fortress than a store.  A Large Yellow Poster with Grey lettering proclaims PEWTER CITY'S OFFICIAL POKEMON LEAGUE MARKET, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES

currently available products
- Basic Pokeballs
- Heavy Balls
- Climbing Rope
- First Aid Kits
- Potions, Bandages, Heal Powders, Poultices
- Crude Weapons
- bait
-  Repels
- antidote

Limited Time Offer:
TM 158 – Quash
TM 9 – Takedown
TM 53 – Curse

With your Ki Badge, the Proprietor is willing to also sell you the following Items
- Level Balls
- Helmets
- Light Armor|
- TM 139 – Pluck
- TM 76 – Sleep Talk

Pewter City Pokemart

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